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Safe Insurance Company was formed in 1911, by West Virginians for West Virginians and continues to operate as one of the oldest insurance companies in West Virginia. Safe provides insurance to cover various risks exclusively in the State of West Virginia.

Safe’s home office was originally located in Harrisville, WV. The home office was moved to Huntington, WV in 1979. The Company began as an assessable mutual insurer writing fire and lightning coverage primarily for farmers. Safe evolved and eventually became a non-assessable mutual insurer. Today, Safe offers a variety of property and casualty insurance products to meet the needs of West Virginia residents and communities with multiple products tailored specifically to meet niche exposures and risks.

Safe Insurance Company was formed and is regulated under Chapter 33, Article 22 of the West Virginia Insurance Code and is one of the original members of the West Virginia Association of Mutual Insurance Companies. Safe employs local residents and utilizes West Virginia Independent Agents to market its’ products. With the help and dedication of our agents and loyal West Virginia customers, Safe has grown into a financially sound and customer minded company that now serves thousands of people throughout the State.

Since the early 1900s, the Great Depression, and some of history’s most challenging times, Safe Insurance Company has remained true to the vision of its founders and has faithfully met the needs of our West Virginia Policyholders.

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